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  • How can one participate in the activities planned by ERC?

    Interested persons and organizations can participate in the development and support of the ERC portal in many ways. Please contact the appropriate ERC organizers for details. Some of suggested ways for supporting ERC are listed below:

    • Financial Support: Please contact the CT_MG POC for information and specific areas of help needed.

    • Educational Material (Content): Please contact JP in India or the CT_MG POC in USA for identifying and developing Science and Technology Educational material. This will ensure that your efforts will result in positive contributions without duplication of efforts.

    • Subject matter Expertise: The ERC group welcomes the participation of subject matter experts in Science, Technology and Medicine. The participation can be in the form of visits, lectures, consultations and discussions (in person, via Internet or video conference) with students and teachers. In some cases, development of specific projects may also be undertaken. It is planned that these activities will be captured by ERC and placed on the ERC Website site so that all participants can share them.

    • Volunteers, Teachers, Translators: ERC needs the assistance of volunteers and teachers for teaching the material being developed to students and teachers in Pune and surrounding rural communities. Similarly, since a large part of the material on the ERC Website site will be in Marathi, there is a need for Marathi translation of Educational material received in English.

  • Who are the Points of Contact for assistance or further inquiries regarding ERC?

    • CT_MG POC: Drs. Bhal & Sharayu Tulpule
    Email  [email protected]
    Phone: 860-674-8953 (USA)
    • JP POC: Mr. Vivek Ponkshe or Mrs. Gita Sathe

    Phone: 91-20-24207193 (Pune)

  • What is the broad scope of activities currently undertaken or planned under ERC?

    The ERC infrastructure, i.e. Website and content are currently under development.  The current activities of the ERC organizers are as follows:

    • The CT_MG group is currently focused on identifying, procuring and sending multimedia equipment such as video camera, projectors, and computers to Pune.

    • JPP participants are focused on identifying and developing multimedia Educational Resources.

  • Who are the organizers of ERC and what are their roles and responsibilities?

    The ERC has been established by VSEI (Volunteer Services for Education in India), a charitable organization in the USA with funding provided by the Connecticut Marathi Group (CT_MG) in the USA and the participation of Jnana Prabodhini (JP), Pune.

    Connecticut Marathi Group (CT_MG) is responsible for providing the funding and monitoring the content of the web site. In addition, the Group may also provide educational material and access to subject matter experts.

    Jnana Prabodhini (JP) is the lead organization for providing and creating educational content for teachers and students.

  • What is the Mission of ERC ?

    The Mission of ERC is to create, assemble and leverage Educational Resources in Marathi and deliver them to the children and women in rural Maharashtra to enable them to improve the breadth of their education. The primary focus of ERC will be on Educational Resources for Science and Technology.

  • What is ERC ?

    The Sadhan Ghar (Educational Resources Center) is a collection of Educational Resources in Marathi and English made available via Internet and multi-media channels to the students and teachers in Maharashtra.